How to get free “Likes” on Instagram?

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learn how to get free likes on instagram
Wondering how to get more “Like” on your photos on Instagram? How do those who multiply them? Here are their secrets … 
The social network Instagram is an integral part of your life? So the “I love” too! Why ? Because the purpose of a photo is to get a maximum of likes to attract subscribers, of course!
Are you new and you do not know how to do it? Worse, you are accustomed but your photos do not exceed the 5 “I like”? Do not worry, Nextplz is there for you! So here are some tips and tricks to follow and you’ll see, it works!

Put beautiful filters

It is well known, if you want to have a lot of like, you need your photo to please! And for that, the base is to publish the most beautiful you have because no, do not post several photos at a time at the risk of tired subscribers.
Once you have made your choice, do not hesitate to apply a filter to make it even more beautiful, as below, for example. With Instagram, filters are many and the choice is great!

Love in return

When a person comes to love your photo, the least thing is to love in return because the principle is somehow giving giving! In this way, you will arouse her curiosity and she will inevitably return to your profile or better, will begin to follow you.

Use good hashtags

It is well known and we had already explained in our tutorial ” How to get free likes on Instagram ,” hashtags, it is essential to attract the world and therefore, the “like”. If you post photos with landscapes, do not hesitate to tag and attach hashtags related to the photo. Here, as an example a cat, all related hashtags will be related to cats or even animals.

Post at the right time

Yes, there are schedules to post your photo on Instagram. If you post them in the morning, you can be sure that the number of “Like” will be very low. Indeed, people connected to social networks tend to go there at the end of the day, after school or after their sport. So basically, to have the maximum of “I like”, post your photo on the shots of 20 hours, success guaranteed!
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