11 Advanced strategies to win in Brawl Stars

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brawl stars tips and hints to win every battle

Discover the best advanced game strategies to use on Brawl Stars to ensure victory!

Brawl Stars is a play by the great fun, but do not underestimate: Although it may seem very coatico from “the cap and more I win” is much, much more. Born visibly a lot of advanced strategies and tactics, if you can master them the victory will be that of your team. Are you ready to discover the best 10+ advanced strategies Brawl Stars ?

Ahead Positions

The positions of advantage and map control are probably the most important aspects for success in any shooter. The vantage points are generally points that allow you to shoot the enemy without giving him time to respond effectively to the fire. Generally vantage points are close to the center of the map and allow you to withdraw safely in the event is coming a big enemy attack. This then leads to the map control: the next step is control of the map.

Check the map

The key to winning in every mode of any shooter is to keep control of the map. To do this you have to have multiple players on your team in different vantage points. These positions should allow you to close all the steps that would allow opponents to reach you behind. For example, a map with three lanes should have a player who controls one so you always know where they are opponents.

Your players have to be able to see the enemies just come out from their spawn, which is why the best vantage points are points in the center of the map or slightly inside the enemy half, depending on the size of the map.

Pursue and defeat Brawlers: worthwhile or not?

One of the most important tips that anyone will give you will be to NOT PURSUE an enemy to kill him. It will happen often that while you are in an advantageous position will hit an enemy enough time to make it close to death. It may seem like an easy kill, until the opponent retreats into its base. You may be tempted to chase him and kill him, but it is a bad idea because you’re giving up your vantage point to a worse where the enemies will be able to attack you in groups .

If you die the part of the map that was under your control will be free and it will allow the enemies to pass undisturbed and kill the rest of your team, allowing them to take control of bloccandovi map in your spawn (following the strategy that we have explained the top of the guide).

There are only two cases in which you may consider the ‘ idea to pursue the enemy :

  1. The opponent has managed to escape but have a close ally that can occupy your vantage point, allowing you to pursue the enemy.
  2. State losing in the last seconds of the game and the opponents are hiding in their spawn, but in that case you should make a group attack.

Gang Jobs in Brawl Stars

We all know how important teamwork in a game with Team mode, which brings us to the concept of team attack. The premise is that the attack team focus their attacks on a single enemy allows you to kill him first and take less damage.

Suppose you and a teammate encounter two opponents, the ideal strategy would be that both you and your partner to attach the most dangerous opponent, quickly removing it and staying in 2-on-1 opponent, you also took little damage having killed before the more dangerous character.

It is also likely that your opponents they did not use the team attack and therefore the damage that might have killed one of you are instead divided between you. If your opponents are also using the team attack make sure that the ally with more life is slightly ahead of you, so as to absorb the most damage

Joystick or Tap?

Now that we know the basics of positioning we are to several technical strategies. To start talk about the joystick and Tap ( guide to activate joystick on Brawl Stars ). Much of the choice is determined by personal preference but the joystick really offers much more versatility of touch, this is because the joystick enables to make a “strafing” much more effective.

The strafing is the zigzag movement that is done to avoid the blows of an attack. The best way to make strafing and differentiate both distance and angles in which you move, going from all sides. Repetitive movements such as 2 steps 2 steps to the left and to the right are easily predictable and render useless the very concept of strafe.

Against enemies with melee attacks as El Primo strafing a useful method it is to try to get behind him so that his fists do not hit you. In short, he walks over and slides behind when going to hit you. This type of techniques is not possible if you use the touch instead of the joystick .

A big mistake that can limit your movement is to position hurt the joystick. Attenzone Do not put it near the edge of the screenbecause it does not allow you to roll it out to the maximum, limiting your movements.

Also remember that when there are no fingers on a touch screen is a paper grass while you hold down your finger and move the joystick will bring. If awarded the screen with two fingers simultaneously the first finger to touch the screen will be the joystick finger.

It is a common mistake to think that the joystick makes it harder to aim at the screen in full, but the joystick can be used everywhere and is what makes it a great tool. It developed a strategy called “Two-Finer joystick” (or 2-finger joystick). To move up in the map use your fingers that you normally use, but when you move down inverted fingers used so that the joystick is in the top of the screen and the finger with which to shoot down. At the beginning it can be very difficult to get used to but once you have complete control of this technique will be a great benefit in different scenarios.

Tips and techniques on how to shoot the best

When it comes to shoot, there are a lot of different techniques that you have to learn to use as possible, especially to learn the speed of the shots. It may seem obvious but many players do not understand that efforts should be made before the adversary and non-adversary himself. In this game the shots are bullets, which means it takes time to get yourself to the opponent. In this time the opponent will be moved, so you should aim for where do you think will be the enemy and no where is the time of the shooting.

shooting advance

Another important strategy is to shoot the advance of the fire, a concept that will be easier to apply with more experience. The idea is to shoot where you think it gets an enemy, no matter whether it is them or not very useful to charge your supercolpo.

The most obvious example is the beginning of the game when opponents are racing to the target in the center (such as a gem or a star). It is easy to shoot in the middle and hit an enemy even before seeing it. Other examples are when you’re about to turn a corner, or when you think there’s an enemy Trai bushes.

Making pre-fire on Brawl Stars

The next strategy is the pre-fire, an excellent technique to keep control of an important point and deny the enemy access to a certain area. Pre-fire means shoot in an area where you think an opponent near them can pass. The enemy will thus have two options, walk inside to hit and take damage, or go back and wait for the shot distance, in any case you will be the first to have done damage. But it is important not to fire more than one shot at a time, but instead of having to wait again the full magazine. If wasted too many shots give the enemy the opportunity to come into your area and to kill, since he had more hits in charger of you.

Special Strategy, the Path-aiming

The last strategy of the shoot of this guide is called path-aiming, which is to hold down your finger on the screen to see exactly where it will hit you are about to shoot. Unlike a quick tap, in fact, you will see the trajectory of the projectile and err less shots, as well as having a more rapid reaction in case of an emergency

General Tips and techniques

Walking on the edge

Now we’ll talk about walk on the edge, a very useful technique in Showdown.
Walking on the edge of a wall that has grass on the other side allows you to see whether or not there is someone hiding in the grass, while remaining safely behind the wall. It is possible that opponents are grass but not attached to the wall, thus making it impossible to see with this technique. It is unlikely, however, because staying close to the wall it reduces the probability of being hit by gunfire not targeted to you.

The Tilted Battles

The last advice of this guide is to force your opponent into a Tilted battle. Suppose you and your opponent will be divided from the corner of a wall and be at a stalemate. None of you two wants to make the first move because in all likelihood the first to hit the opponent will win the battle.

This is where comes in the versatility of the joystick, walking slightly towards the edge and then returning back, putting a strain on the patience of the enemy who will try to shoot you for fear of being the first to be hit. Continue to do this movement as long as the opponent will sell and will fire a shot, mancandovi. With a lead of three shots in the barrel against the second opponent it is much easier to win then you have to turn the corner before the opponent can charge your third shot.

brawl stars tips and hints

36 Questions – Mystic Messenger Review

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mystic messenger hack cheats free hourglasses online

Mystic Messenger is the new mobile game for girls. Developed by the Korean company Cheritz, and launched in 2016, it has become one of the most popular titles within the dating games or Otomes . It is available for both Android and iOS and you can enjoy it for free, although with the use of microtransactions the game unleashes its full potential.

General View The argument is as follows: you are a young girl who has downloaded an application to talk to handsome guys (we get the hint, Cheritz!) But instead, a stranger hacks your phone and after a little discussion gets you into the department someone else. After that it disappears without leaving trace of its cybernetic presence and you accidentally enter to the private chat of the FRG.

The Rika Fundraising Association (RFA) is an organization dedicated to charity, the members will be the protagonists of the routes that you will play and you seem to have to take the place as the leader despite your undesirable presence at the beginning.

As in most female-oriented titles, you are the protagonist and you must choose a boy as your potential partner within history, interact with him and reach a good, normal or bad end, depending on the answers you have chosen one. The typical categories of male characters are present: the sweet and energetic boy, the cold businessman with a heart of gold, the member of the group that is always quiet and quite calm, and the narcissist with a dark past. Mystic Messenger is situated in the current era and makes references to characters, brands and elements known enough for the players.

So if this game has everything to be quite generic … what is it that contributes? Why is it so addictive?

For starters, the gameplay is a plus point. The love story is presented through messages you receive from the interface of the game, each episode or level is presented as a daily conversation. The game lasts for 11 days per character route, and every day you must reply the messages in the chat room in real time, as well as calls and SMS. This is a key point of the game, this dynamic has managed to hook users who were not familiar with otome games.

Here are different sections to tell you about various aspects of the game. If you have any questions or comments that we do not put, we invite you to share it with us, either by this way or by our social networks.

1. What gender is Mystic Messenger? It is a dating game or otome (derived from the Japanese word for young woman). Usually they are presented in visual novels, in which the protagonist will be surrounded by several boys between whom it will have to choose one to follow its route, that is to say, to interact with him in a more romantic way.

2. On what platforms is it available? On Android devices with versions 2.3 or higher, and on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 8.1 or later operating system.

3. How much does it cost? It is totally free, but with microtransactions available.

4. What languages ​​are available? The audio is Korean and as for subtitles, so far it is only in English and Korean.

5. I’ve never played an otome or girls games are you going to like me? If you like romance and are familiar with visual novels, the answer is YES! Even if you do not know so much about these types of games, but love stories with a touch of drama you love, this game is for you.

6. I’m already familiar with girls games, should I give it a try? Definitely. Mystic Messenger proposes a totally different dynamic to what we are accustomed to. Here the conversations and small interactions are the main thing. Also, when did you play an otome in real time?

7. Mystic Messenger is played as a visual novel? Yes and no. The main mode of the game is the interaction with the characters through rooms of conversation, SMS and calls. All this is visible from the main interface of the game.

Eventually, after some chats, you’ll be able to see visual novels that will tell segments of the story, and appear marked. You can learn more about the style of the game in our gameplay section.

8. Can I interact with other players? No, unlike other games where you can send gifts and compete for the best score with other users, in Mystic Messenger it’s just you, those beautiful 4 guys and the sweet Jaehee.

9. How many characters are there? Playable, only one: you. You can choose your nickname and user icon.

10. Who are the protagonists of the routes? There are 5 characters in total, Yoosung, Jaehee and Zen in casual story; And Jumin and Seven in deep story. In addition there are three extra characters that do not have routes: V, Rika and “unknown”.

Note that Mystic Messenger presents a girl: Jaehee, who can also be selected as romantic interest, is an important innovation because normally in this type of games are only available male characters routes.

11. How do I select the route I want to play? From day 1 to 4 you should concentrate on a character and try to get as much affection as possible through the interactions in the chats, since from day 5 will automatically be assigned the path of the character with which you have shown greater compatibility.

12. How do chats work? Available chats will appear at certain times of the day. The day starts from 12:00 am until 12:00 pm so yes, you will receive notifications of the game at 3 am as it is in real time. If you miss a chat, you can buy it with hourglasses so you do not lose hearts that can give you the answers. In case you can not buy it, you can only read it without the possibility of getting hearts.

13. How do responses work within chats? Whenever you enter a chat there will be a specific topic, for example “Yoosung and final exams”, the characters will tell you opinions or problems related to that topic and there will come a time when you must respond. It depends on whether you are within the casual route or the deep story mode, you will have 2 to 4 answers to choose from.

14. How do my responses affect the outcome of the game? Each answer can give you a heart of a different color for each character: coffee for Jaehee, green for Yoosung, gray for Zen, purple for Jumin, and red for Seven. If you choose a response that annoys a character, it will break a heart and take one from your inventory.

15. And what good are my hearts? They have two functions: the first is to increase compatibility with that character, the more compatible you are, the more likely you are to unlock your route on the 5th day. The second function is to get hourglasses, every 100 hearts you get 1 hourglass.

16. Watches? They are the currency within the game, the clocks allow you to buy chats that you have lost, as well as get greater interactions with the characters. You can even unlock deep story mode and buy the After ending episodes, only available with hourglasses. With approximately $ 50 MXN you can buy 150 hour clocks. You will need approximately 320 hour clocks to unlock all the extra content.

17. Are there different game modes? Yes, there are two types of stories. Casual story and deep story. In the first you can interact with all the characters, but you can only follow the path of Yoosung, Zen and Jaehee. On the other hand, in the deep story you can also play the routes of Jumin and Seven, although it has a cost of 80 arena clocks to unlock this mode.

18. What are the differences between these game modes? The available routes, in addition, when you play in deep story mode the dialogues, the elections and the visual novels tend to be broader.

19. Do I have to wait time to enter the chats or see the visual novels? Yes, so many chats, such as messages, calls and visual novels will appear at certain times of the day. You can not speed up the process, if you miss a chat or have to return a call you can use hourglasses. To participate in a chat that you missed you must pay 5 hourglass.

20. Do the responses in visual novels affect my development en route? Yes, only in deep story mode and there are really few visual novels that will give you hearts for the answers.

21. What about SMS and calls? They do not directly affect the outcome of the routes, but you may have an extra bonus if you have more interaction with your chosen character. That is, he answers all his messages and calls if possible. Regarding the calls, some characters are more difficult to contact than others. Especially you may have problems when trying to locate Seven. Each call has a cost of 5 hour clocks. Sometimes when you finish a conversation it is possible that they call you, you have 10 seconds to take the call.

22. How do I get guests for the party? In some conversations the characters will propose new guests, you can accept or reject them. If you accept, you will receive an e-mail that you must respond.

23. Are e-mail responses important? Quite. One of your main missions in the game is to get different characters to attend the party of the FRG. With two correct answers of three, people will accept your invitation. With more than 15 guests you will get a good ending; If you get less, you will only reach a normal end.

24. What does it mean when a caution appears on the chat screen? This means that based on the answers you have given, you can continue playing until you reach the end on day 11 or you can get a bad ending.

25. How do I avoid a bad end? If you have reached this end of the game there is nothing you can do to go back. From the beginning you should try to answer correctly depending on the route to which you want to arrive.

26. Do I have checkpoints? What if I can not play for a few days? There are no checkpoints as such, but there is an option to save your progress within the game and resume it hours or days later. When you return to the game, the chat will be charged closest to the time you saved your progress.

27. How many endings are there? In total there are 38: 1 bad end of the prologue (the first 4 days), 1 bad common end for the route of the casual story mode, 1 bad final common for the route of the deep story mode and 35 for the individual routes: 1 good end , 1 normal end, 5 bad end (some can be pretty bad and in others you just do not stay with the guy).

28. Is video game difficult? It depends on the character whose path you want to get. For Yoosung, Jaehee and Jumin will not be as complicated as the answers they need are quite predictable. Zen and Seven have complicated times in which the correct answers will not be so simple to discover. (You can always use a guide; D).

29. Is there any extra material? Yes, there are the After Endings for each route and two secret endings that you can unlock once you finish all the stories, or buy them.

30. What about collectibles? The photos you unlock will be stored in your inventory, as well as all the conversations and audio calls, once you finish the route you can repeat them whenever you want.

31. What can we say about artistic work? The art of the characters is quite simple, but does not lose the touch of professionalism in the finishes. Each of the boys has a reduced range of expressions. However, the best thing about the visual field you will get from the album images.

32. And the music? The Cheritz team provided us with a theme for Mystic Messenger es-pec-ta-cu-lar. With versions in Korean and English, it is quite sticky, so much that it seems taken from a multi-award-winning k-pop album.

33. Do the dialogues have audio? Indeed, a template of professional voice actors gives life to the characters. The work done is impeccable. There is no moment of discord between voice and personality, the dialogues transmit the appropriate sensations in the necessary moments. Cry, laughter, anger, love … they have it all. The audio is so good that the emotions are there, even if you’re listening to a Korean audio that you do not understand at all.

34. Will I play it more than once? TOTALLY. The options of the game are quite broad, both the possibility of different endings as the range of answers in calls and collectible images draw attention to play the route of a character at least three times.

35. Is it worth spending my money on hour clocks? Yes. You will get extra bonus material, as well as speed up the game and live the experience completely. Hourglasses are inexpensive and allow you to access quality content.

36. What is the best thing about Mystic Messenger? The innovation it presents in dating games. It is a totally different dynamic than usual in titles in this category. The feeling of waiting for a message or a call from your favorite boy makes the experience more real and enjoyable. Mystic Messenger manages to create a smile as soon as you can read on the screen that they call you or send you a message.

It’s designed so organically that you can really hook up for weeks. Not only do they offer laughter or fun, there are also drama and raw issues. While you are the protagonist not everything that happens is for you, unlike many otomes in which you are the constant victim. The story is complex and plausible, although it has some flaws or incongruities is novel and interesting.

37. And the worst? The lack of new content, in other games of this type we can find special episodes for Christmas season, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. Not here, we only have the 5 routes and their after endings. So forget about seeing Yoosung buying you a teddy bear in February or Jumin helping you to put the Christmas tree. At the same time, limitation in two languages ​​is a disadvantage for those Spanish speakers who do not speak Korean or English.

Mystic Messenger Final Verdict

Mystic Messenger was a bomb during the first months of its launch, both fans of the genre and new users fell before the new proposal of Cheritz. Youtubers, bloggers, and Otomes forums started to get guides, tips, fanarts and curious facts about the game in an impressive way. It’s a worthwhile title and you should play either if you are familiar with the genre or if it is your first approach. I dare say that Mystic Messenger hack – get free hourglass online generator tool could be placed inside the iconic titles in the category otome if it worked in the limitations that it has. These problems are based on the poor relationship between the developer and users, as well as on language barriers and the lack of new material.

Mystic messenger cheats

How to get free “Likes” on Instagram?

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learn how to get free likes on instagram
Wondering how to get more “Like” on your photos on Instagram? How do those who multiply them? Here are their secrets … 
The social network Instagram is an integral part of your life? So the “I love” too! Why ? Because the purpose of a photo is to get a maximum of likes to attract subscribers, of course!
Are you new and you do not know how to do it? Worse, you are accustomed but your photos do not exceed the 5 “I like”? Do not worry, Nextplz is there for you! So here are some tips and tricks to follow and you’ll see, it works!

Put beautiful filters

It is well known, if you want to have a lot of like, you need your photo to please! And for that, the base is to publish the most beautiful you have because no, do not post several photos at a time at the risk of tired subscribers.
Once you have made your choice, do not hesitate to apply a filter to make it even more beautiful, as below, for example. With Instagram, filters are many and the choice is great!

Love in return

When a person comes to love your photo, the least thing is to love in return because the principle is somehow giving giving! In this way, you will arouse her curiosity and she will inevitably return to your profile or better, will begin to follow you.

Use good hashtags

It is well known and we had already explained in our tutorial ” How to get free likes on Instagram ,” hashtags, it is essential to attract the world and therefore, the “like”. If you post photos with landscapes, do not hesitate to tag and attach hashtags related to the photo. Here, as an example a cat, all related hashtags will be related to cats or even animals.

Post at the right time

Yes, there are schedules to post your photo on Instagram. If you post them in the morning, you can be sure that the number of “Like” will be very low. Indeed, people connected to social networks tend to go there at the end of the day, after school or after their sport. So basically, to have the maximum of “I like”, post your photo on the shots of 20 hours, success guaranteed!
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Wissenswertes Tips und Hacks für MovieStarPlanet

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Wir haben die neuesten MSP Cheats, um Ihnen die unbegrenzten Diamanten, Starcoins und VIP für Ihr MovieStarPlanet-Konto zu ermöglichen. Der Hack wird Ihnen so viel Starcoins, Diamonds und VIP geben wie Sie möchten. Sie müssen nur die einfachen Schritte, um Ihre Wünsche Ressourcen zu erhalten folgen. Es ist kompatibel mit allen Betriebssystemen einschließlich Android, IOS und Window.

Wie funktioniert Moviestarplanet Arbeit und warum brauchen Sie MSP Cheats?

Bevor wir ins Detail gehen, beschreiben wir die wichtigsten Elemente des Spiels.

Beginnen wir mit den StarCoins, die die Hauptwährung in diesem Spiel sind. Jeder Spieler erhält 10 Münzen, nachdem er einen Film gesehen hat. Der Schöpfer des Films wird mehr bekommen, aber der Betrag hängt von ihrem Niveau. Je höher sie sind, desto mehr Münzen werden sie bekommen. Petting eine Boonie oder ein Haustier erhalten Sie irgendwo zwischen einem und fünf Starcoins. Die Menge hängt vom Zustand des Haustieres ab. Schließlich, wenn ein Spieler gewinnt einige Konkurrenz sie verdienen StarCoins, Diamanten und VIP-Status. Einige andere Möglichkeiten, um StarCoins neben der Verwendung von Cheats zu verdienen ist durch Empfangen oder geben einen Gruß und durch Drehen des täglichen Wheel of Fortune.

Die nächste wichtige Sache ist die Diamanten oder Edelsteine. Diese Ressource wird im Diamond Shop auf der Registerkarte Shopping verwendet. Die Diamanten werden verwendet, um exklusive Gegenstände, Kleidung, Animationen und viele andere Dinge zu kaufen. Der einzige Weg, um Diamanten zu kaufen ist ein VIP kaufen oder gewinnen Wettbewerbe.

Die letzte wichtige Sache über dieses Spiel ist der VIP-Status. Spieler, die alle Features und Optionen entfesseln möchten und das Gameplay wirklich genießen, werden gebeten, die VIP-Pakete zu kaufen. Diese Pakete bringen ihnen mehr Diamanten, StarCoins und unlock viele Funktionen, die nicht verfügbar sind in der kostenlosen Version dieses Spiels. Natürlich, wenn sie diese Features die ganze Zeit nutzen wollen, müssen die Spieler zahlen monatliche Mitgliedschaft.

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Verwenden Sie diese Cheats zu level up und zeugen die Schönheit dieses Spiels in der nächsten Ebene gezeigt. Kaufen Sie exklusive Artikel, erstellen Sie Filme und generieren Sie Ressourcen in einer Angelegenheit von Sekunden

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Fifa 17 finishing tutorial – How to score more goals

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If there is no real FIFA 17 codes , as often with the franchise from EA SPORTS, there still is some advice that it is better to know before starting his season.

Play with the story mode team
It is ideal to serve Alex Hunter in the best conditions. For this, Just why choose “Play – Check team” when prompted. You will have eleven players under your control while maintaining the achievements to unlock for the young England star.

Unlock additional teams in the catalog EASFC

There are two teams to unlock the catalog accessible by pressing the right stick on your controller. These teams Adidas All Star All Star and AT & T MLS. Know that you must have level 7 and 8 to unlock and 3000 CFC credits.

Buy coaches on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
Contracts are very expensive on the preferred game mode players FIFA 17. To save money, you should consult the chapter concerning contracts and coaches.

Online, there are more friends!

Because whether one is a great competitor or just an amateur when playing online, we play to win. Therefore, if you are unsure of your abilities or if you just want play to win, put the odds in your favor by selecting one of the best teams in the game : Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Manchester United are excellent choices.

More dribbling is simple, the more effective
because dribbling that eliminate the easier opponent is often the easiest to do.Roulette, legs braiding or the kick feint are used online. Train yourself to find out when the pass.

FUT Champions, the first step towards e-sports on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Big news on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team this year, the arrival of FUT Champions mode.Remember, this game mode strongly e-sports oriented will allow the best players to compete for a grand final end of the year with 1.3 million to be shared.

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Clash Royale Free Gems Generator Tool – Get Gems Online

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Walking War Robots Free Gold and Silver – Hack and Cheats

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The 16 Wise Tips and tricks for Pokémon GO

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pokemon go hints tips and tricks

Pokémon GO seems to be the game of the moment, also because of the great expectations, the reputation of the series to which this game is dedicated and above all the side streets for which the APK file has been procured which has helped create a sense of complicity between all participants. Nevertheless, the lack of an official guide and tips by Nintendo has made it absolutely necessary to have guides and series of Pokemon go cheats, tips and tricks, which we with great diligence we offer.

What does the animation of the leaves? What is the significance of the colored circles around the Pokémon in the capture phase?How to fight effectively a Leader?

We reveal us all the secrets and tricks for Pokémon GO hack online!

# 1 – What does the grass animation GO Pokémon?

Many players will have noticed, during the first steps in the game, the presence of animations that consistently show, in various green areas of the game, leaves and grass suddenly sprout .

Although at first it may seem simple graphic embellishments, these animations indicate the presence of a large number of Pokémon in the vicinity of the area surrounding the animation; always check the “Section Environment ” to ascertain the species present and consider venturing to the point indicated (every Pokémon captured, as we shall explain, can still bring in a candynecessary for evolution).

# 2 – How the Pokéstop and Gyms distributed?

It caused quite a stir, as well as curiosity, news that most Pokéstop and Health has been set at or near coincidence of religious buildings such as churches, monasteries and cathedrals. Some felt that it was the result of mere chance, while others, more intelligently, they assumed that the explanation could hide behind the tracking system of the places of interest .

We know that Niantic output playing leaning on Nintendo only for the realization of the metagame and the characters; the Japanese company has relied on – going on the safe side – in Niantic because of the enormous experience gained by the latter during the making of Ingress , another popular virtual reality game. Within Ingress players, divided into two factions,responsible for setting up portals on which then builds the same gameplay ; with the passage of time, the major portals are finished to match the architectural elements selected by the users themselves : churches mainly – but not only.

Similarly, you can take advantage of the maps of the Portals and Knots Ingress to understand – with a precision of about 70% – where Pokéstop are located in various areas of their city.

# 3 – How is calculated the distance of the wild Pokémon?

When a player wants to know what is the distance that separates it from the nearest Pokémon , has no choice but to open the “section Surroundings ” to get an overview of the wild Pokémon in the area (and certainly you do not need one of our tricks for Pokémon Go to know it).

Each Pokemon go cheats is however characterized by a number of footsteps variable depending on the distance that separates the player: three footprints indicate a distance of 300 meters or more, two footsteps equivalent to 200 meters , a single footprint 100 meters or less, while when it is not no guest footprint means that in a few seconds the user should appear on the screen.

# 4 – How to get Pokémon Candies

To ensure the evolution of a Pokémon just captured it will need to possess a number of candies specific Pokémon for the species just captured; the required amount may vary depending on the presence of developmental stages or more of the captured specimen rarity.

If therefore you are despairing of finding a way to earn new Candy Pokémon to speed the evolution , do not worry, we have one of the tricks to Go dedicated to Pokémon this problem: not only in fact any Pokémon caught will guarantee 3 Candy , but if you decide to send it to Professor Willow these will reward you with an extra candy (concerning the species of Pokémon).

It is a winning strategy: not only in this way you will earn new candies , but will be aimed at keeping in your Pokémon Box with points higher Fighting – avoiding the need to buy un’estensore space from the internal market. To transfer a Pokémon, flick his card until the appearance of the item ” Transfer “: tappatevi above to complete the operation.

# 5 – The Evolution is the real deal

One of the main problems of Pokemon go cheats is given by frustrating system of care of exhausted or weak Pokémon : there is (still) a renewal of health system – such as Pokecenter of classic video games – which avoids the purchase spray-potion from store in-game.

In fact, remaining on the subject of evolution, one of the GO Pokémon tricks can help you avoid the problem of the treatment, at least as it regards a low-medium level Pokémon: after completing their cycle of evolution Pokémon, even exhausted, It regains full health and therefore we recommend that you focus your attention on Pokémon who do not own developmental stages more (of course if it is possible).

# 6 – How to throw a curve Pokeballs

Level up is one of the main goals of the coaches beginners : to access Gyms must in fact have a level equal to or greater than 5, and consequently the capture of wild Pokémon  become the fastest method.

In mathematical terms, catching a Pokémon guarantees 100 experience points , the discovery of a species still unknown whopping 500 PE while Pokeballs curve you have to add 10 additional PE , few but good. To throw a Pokeball curve just follow one of our tricks for Pokémon GO: during the capture screen, perform a prolonged tap on Pokeballs and simultaneously begin to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise , until it appear the animation of the poke-ball in motion .

At this point you can throw it against the wild Pokémon, but staying alert curved effect that the trajectory will take.

# 7 – What do the circles around a Pokémon?

The first time you have attempted to capture a wild Pokémon, almost certainly you have wondered what possible meaning or what parameters might affect the colored circles placed around the capture viewfinder. Well, we will explain it to us with one of the tricks to GO Pokémon.

First the color viewfinder is based on the emotional state of Pokémon:

– Green = quiet ;

– Yellow and  orange = agitated ;

– Red = angry .

Plus a Pokemon you live, the more difficult to capture , and the better the chances that you run away from the battle or who refuses to be trapped in a poke-ball; for this reason it will be necessary to wait until you calm down on their own or purchase a Megaball or Masterball to increase the chances of catching even in adverse conditions.

Second, the amplitude of the color circle is inversely proportional to the probability of capture: wait until the circle is as small as possible before launching a Pokeball.

# 8 – How to attract new Pokeball

The capture of a wild Pokémon is always satisfactory, but also involves a considerable waste of Pokeballs: you can earn new Pokeballs leveling up , but it is not the easiest thing.

To attract new Pokeball will touch you to walk up to Pokéstop closer , which in the map are indicated by blue squares: you’ll have to get close to Pokéstop enough because the icon is expanded up to represent the Pokémon logo. Tappandovi above will access the section Pokéstop: scroll cards to acquire all of the objects in the slot – but you can also open and close the screen immediately because the objects are now equipped.

Every five minutes the Pokéstop will be stocked with new poke-ball, then you can just wait around (passing the time to capture the many Pokémon that accumulate around these places of interest). You can also purchase a bait form to be inserted in the slot so that all players nearby can catch the Pokémon in the vicinity.

# 9 – How to open a Pokémon egg?

The Pokémon eggs are nothing more than a further surprise that you can find inside de Pokéstop: you treat common Pokémon eggs , which can contain both extremely rare Pokémon (like Pokémon fossils on a par with Kabuto or Omanyte) both Pokémon common.

To hatch an egg is required  to travel a distance varying but still reported and updated regularly by the GPS application counter; cheating et entare to speed hatching using a means of transport to cover the necessary kilometers faster does not work , but if you use one of our tricks for Pokemon go cheats, I will get more than you will know very well.

Pokémon GO fact identifies the user’s locomotion speed and, if it exceeds 40 km / h , is recorded only one third of the mileage; course for a car to cross 30 km (assuming of having to open up an egg from 10Km) is not an impossible task, but perhaps it is for the device battery . To succeed, therefore, anticipate the hatching will be necessary to proceed very slowly to stay below the band recorded or arrange an alternative means , such as cycling.

# 10 – How does the Energy Saving mode?

As many have noticed, by accessing the GO Pokémon Settings you will notice the presence of a voice ” Energy Saving ” that, if unchecked, does not seem to bring any benefit to the already battered battery of the device.

In fact, the operation of the Energy Saving mode is slightly more complex and must be one of our tricks for GO Pokémon to understand  how to make the best : since GO Pokémon neccessarily need an active smartphone and set on the game screen to synchronize the data received from Niantic server, the only solution for limiting energy drain is to reduce the charge levy from the main source of consumption, the screen . Put simply, activating the Power Save you can easily store the device in your pocket – making sure that you have connected your headphones to not pass up a single notification – as the screen will be turned off but in the meantime GO Pokémon will be kept active.

# 11 – How to Become Leader

Candies Pokémon, the evolutions, chasing wild Pokémon is naturally geared towards a single objective: the admission within a team and winning the Gym Leader rank .

Initially, in order to become part of a Pokémon Gym it will be necessary to have at least one level above or equal to 5 ; after that, you will need to affiliate with one of three teams ( Yellow Team – Intuition; Blue Team – Wisdom; Red Team – Courage) for groped their climb up to the Gym Leader rank . You can become a Gym Leader, following two ways: the first is to find a gym not yet claimed by any team – but it is a hypothesis very remote – the second involves a constant struggle against all members of the defense team until it reaches the position more high command pyramid.

Each member of a team can secure a Pokémon in defense of his Gymnasium ; Once assigned, this Pokémon is no longer available until such time as another coach not defeat the Pokémon in battle to become Leader, just like in the original game, it is necessary to dominate in battle all Pokémon places to his defense . Every defeat will be equivalent to a loss of Luxury for the Gym – conversely, each victory will increase the level of Luxury. Each coach is expelled from the Gymnasium defeated, and when even the Leader is removed , the site passes under the control of the opponents.

Making the Gym Leader agrees: Periodically it receives a variable amount of Stardust and Pokémon Coins to spend in the internal market.

# 12 – Defense Bonus

Reading our Sages Tips and tricks for GO Pokémon, you have probably discovered that the Gym Leader periodically receives a number of bonuses due to its location. And the other coaches that help defend the Gym?

Never fear: Pokémon GO, away from betraying a class vision of society, rewards the contribution of coaches with the so-calledDefense Bonus , a regalia administered daily that appears in the upper section of the market internal screen, in the form of an icon shield . If the player does not receive his bonus Defense, this is accumulated along with Bonus unclaimed from previous days (if any).

# 13 – Special Attacks

What differentiates the special attacks by normal attacks? This question, though granted, hides the key of the GO Pokémon battle system.

The fights take place only within Gyms against Pokémon of other places players in defense of the building: there is not much to say about it – the entire phase of struggle consists of a continuous tap on the screen to avoid the opponents punches and settle their basic strokes. Instead to launch a Special Attack must instead perform a long press on the screen until the blue loading bar is fully charged. A Special Attack causes far more damage than a normal attack – you can see the number of hit points that a single attack can inflict on the specific card of the game.

# 14 – Shiny Pokémon and Pokémon Legendary

The Pokémon Shiny and Legendary Pokémon are two categories of extremely rare creatures to be found within GO Pokémon: even if someone has questioned the existence, we are in possession of screenshots joints to the contrary.

On the one hand it seems that more than one player has managed to get hold of a Venonat Shiny (or Chroma) – observing the color of the appendages and eyes, you will notice a significant difference with the ordinary version . It is a very rare event, because usually the chances of encountering a Pokémon Shiny is 1 in 8,192 . The Legendary Pokémon are a category even more particular: while an Pokémon Shiny Pokémon is different from others because of the color, but not as regards the combat statistics, u n Legendary Pokémon is normally stronger than a common Pokémon .

Normally you would expect to find Legendary Pokémon only during events Nintendo : Nevertheless, some players already seem to have caught a Mew exemplary.

# 15 – How to save game progress

Figure out how to save progress accumulated in the course of the game is one of the most consulted in recent days to Pokémon tricks GO, as it is far from clear that Niantic keep valid the profiles of players who have so far taken advantage of the APK file before the official release .

Nevertheless, you do not have to worry because every time you log in to the game it is necessary to login with two types of profile: either through authentication through Google , or making use of the site and Pokemon.com Profile Club Coach , which makes available also the access to the contents of the official site. In both cases, the data is saved directly to the cloud , andshould also be maintained following the official release – remember that Niantic is owned by Google and, in common agreement with Nintendo, could make that data what you want .

# 16 – Availability and Release

This entry is not part of the normal tricks for Pokémon GO but aims to inform the players on the current state of the game’s availability – will be removed and replaced by a new trick or suggestions as soon as Pokémon GO will be made available in Italy.

Through a press release , Niantic has expressed surprise achieved enormous popularity of the game and certainly not expecting a similar result; given the continuous overload of the servers , it was decided to stop the release phase in Great Britain and the Netherlands to proceed with a restructuring of the server, which will take place next Thursday along with an update that will adjust the battery consumption.

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