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  • DeVe

    Worked for me! Thanks a lot !

  • Jimmy Doukas

    Can’t find the rm-820 phone in Product Support Tool for Store 5.0. Otherwise the article is great! Any hints?

    • shizik

      Try updating the nokia care suit

  • Dre One-don

    can I take it somewhere to get fixed in n.y because I’m not good with computers I wouldn’t know the first thing to do please help phone has no voice fuctionality

    • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

      You would need to contact Nokia for your nearest service centre location. Or take it back to your place of purchase.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paracic Paul Aracic

    When I keep the volume up held down, the lightning bolt & cog come up, however no Nokia logo & after reboot message stops all I get is “message send failure”

    • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

      Had a similar issue here. Try restarting the computer and using a different cable. It takes a few attempts to get it to work!

      • http://www.facebook.com/paracic Paul Aracic

        Just wouldn’t work for me, initially device was detected as a Qualcomm … device, so changed that to Nokia USB. Tried all forum suggestions. Last tried the 3 button reset while plugged in to PC to keep charge & said out alloud “I Give up”, hunted for the receipt & then USB ding heard… yay! booted up in Factory default. Grrr! all because it was freezing randomly!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/paracic Paul Aracic

          BTW, Still freezes randomly, but not every day

          • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

            Does seem that it has a mind of its own, not looking forward to doing this on my Mac.

  • OndraK

    Great article. Everithing working. Saved the phone.

    My Expirience: I copied files to wrong folder and therefore didn’t see available firmware under the properties in the Nokia_Care_Suit software. There was nothing to chose. I pressed “Find online” button, and was able to list (and Download) available firmware online. I didn’t know correct version (Varinat), There was none labeled O2_CZ. I picked latest “universal” Euro version. Before flashing there was a warning message about incorrect “nonlinked” version of revision (don’t remember full message). I chose continue anyway. Flashing was succesfully completed. After phone rebooted, the correct firmware version coresponding to my model apeered in the list under properties. But I left newer version of the firmware in the mobile phone. It looks like it’s working without problem.

    Thank You Very Much.

    • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

      No worries, the pleasure is ours!

  • efix

    Worked for me, took a while to find the info on how to sort out a UK based lumia 920, i will keep this info now on my desktop Thanks for this, its a great help and future reference for me.

    • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

      Glad we could help!

  • TomEE

    I could kiss you. I rely on my phone so desperately for work reasons! The phone asked to update, which I did – but went back to problem before, so i’m going to just send it off to be repaired. But at least your fix lets me use the phone until I get a replacement for the time being!

    • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

      Glad I could help!! The amount of people who this post has helped has been phenomenal! Glad we got your phone back up and running!

  • Anon

    Will this work with a lumia I have that has been locked with the findmyphone feature? (I don’t know the pin to unlock it)

    • http://www.ukmobilereview.com/ Nirave

      Presumably it will but we can’t guarantee it unfortunately!

  • Nguyen

    Hey Nirave my Nokia 920 is stuck on the color Nokia screen. I guess you would call it stuck on the flash mode screen. Any help and tip will be grateful.

    • Nguyen

      I try the down volume and power… I try the down volume + power and camera still no luck…. help help

  • khurram

    My 920 is purchased in China and Nokia/cellphone operator has locked the app store so itt only connects to china app store no matter what location/language settings I have. Even if I am outside china, it still connects to china app store. Heard they have hardcoded some sort of region override in the https request phone makes to app store to always direct to china app store. Do you think flashing my phone will sort this out?

  • Wayne Rock

    Will this work with a Lumia 925? My phone is stuck “searching” for Wifi and will not discover any networks. I’m thinking flashing it might help.

  • Bhavesh Lal

    I have a lumia 920 and it does not respond to the 2 button combination or soft/hard reset. does not seem to charge from wall or computer (computer does not even detect it). Only place it seems to charge is from car charger, but the phone does not start up or anything just gets hot when charging in car. Any ideas to bring it back to life?

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