11 Advanced strategies to win in Brawl Stars

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brawl stars tips and hints to win every battle

Discover the best advanced game strategies to use on Brawl Stars to ensure victory!

Brawl Stars is a play by the great fun, but do not underestimate: Although it may seem very coatico from “the cap and more I win” is much, much more. Born visibly a lot of advanced strategies and tactics, if you can master them the victory will be that of your team. Are you ready to discover the best 10+ advanced strategies Brawl Stars ?

Ahead Positions

The positions of advantage and map control are probably the most important aspects for success in any shooter. The vantage points are generally points that allow you to shoot the enemy without giving him time to respond effectively to the fire. Generally vantage points are close to the center of the map and allow you to withdraw safely in the event is coming a big enemy attack. This then leads to the map control: the next step is control of the map.

Check the map

The key to winning in every mode of any shooter is to keep control of the map. To do this you have to have multiple players on your team in different vantage points. These positions should allow you to close all the steps that would allow opponents to reach you behind. For example, a map with three lanes should have a player who controls one so you always know where they are opponents.

Your players have to be able to see the enemies just come out from their spawn, which is why the best vantage points are points in the center of the map or slightly inside the enemy half, depending on the size of the map.

Pursue and defeat Brawlers: worthwhile or not?

One of the most important tips that anyone will give you will be to NOT PURSUE an enemy to kill him. It will happen often that while you are in an advantageous position will hit an enemy enough time to make it close to death. It may seem like an easy kill, until the opponent retreats into its base. You may be tempted to chase him and kill him, but it is a bad idea because you’re giving up your vantage point to a worse where the enemies will be able to attack you in groups .

If you die the part of the map that was under your control will be free and it will allow the enemies to pass undisturbed and kill the rest of your team, allowing them to take control of bloccandovi map in your spawn (following the strategy that we have explained the top of the guide).

There are only two cases in which you may consider the ‘ idea to pursue the enemy :

  1. The opponent has managed to escape but have a close ally that can occupy your vantage point, allowing you to pursue the enemy.
  2. State losing in the last seconds of the game and the opponents are hiding in their spawn, but in that case you should make a group attack.

Gang Jobs in Brawl Stars

We all know how important teamwork in a game with Team mode, which brings us to the concept of team attack. The premise is that the attack team focus their attacks on a single enemy allows you to kill him first and take less damage.

Suppose you and a teammate encounter two opponents, the ideal strategy would be that both you and your partner to attach the most dangerous opponent, quickly removing it and staying in 2-on-1 opponent, you also took little damage having killed before the more dangerous character.

It is also likely that your opponents they did not use the team attack and therefore the damage that might have killed one of you are instead divided between you. If your opponents are also using the team attack make sure that the ally with more life is slightly ahead of you, so as to absorb the most damage

Joystick or Tap?

Now that we know the basics of positioning we are to several technical strategies. To start talk about the joystick and Tap ( guide to activate joystick on Brawl Stars ). Much of the choice is determined by personal preference but the joystick really offers much more versatility of touch, this is because the joystick enables to make a “strafing” much more effective.

The strafing is the zigzag movement that is done to avoid the blows of an attack. The best way to make strafing and differentiate both distance and angles in which you move, going from all sides. Repetitive movements such as 2 steps 2 steps to the left and to the right are easily predictable and render useless the very concept of strafe.

Against enemies with melee attacks as El Primo strafing a useful method it is to try to get behind him so that his fists do not hit you. In short, he walks over and slides behind when going to hit you. This type of techniques is not possible if you use the touch instead of the joystick .

A big mistake that can limit your movement is to position hurt the joystick. Attenzone Do not put it near the edge of the screenbecause it does not allow you to roll it out to the maximum, limiting your movements.

Also remember that when there are no fingers on a touch screen is a paper grass while you hold down your finger and move the joystick will bring. If awarded the screen with two fingers simultaneously the first finger to touch the screen will be the joystick finger.

It is a common mistake to think that the joystick makes it harder to aim at the screen in full, but the joystick can be used everywhere and is what makes it a great tool. It developed a strategy called “Two-Finer joystick” (or 2-finger joystick). To move up in the map use your fingers that you normally use, but when you move down inverted fingers used so that the joystick is in the top of the screen and the finger with which to shoot down. At the beginning it can be very difficult to get used to but once you have complete control of this technique will be a great benefit in different scenarios.

Tips and techniques on how to shoot the best

When it comes to shoot, there are a lot of different techniques that you have to learn to use as possible, especially to learn the speed of the shots. It may seem obvious but many players do not understand that efforts should be made before the adversary and non-adversary himself. In this game the shots are bullets, which means it takes time to get yourself to the opponent. In this time the opponent will be moved, so you should aim for where do you think will be the enemy and no where is the time of the shooting.

shooting advance

Another important strategy is to shoot the advance of the fire, a concept that will be easier to apply with more experience. The idea is to shoot where you think it gets an enemy, no matter whether it is them or not very useful to charge your supercolpo.

The most obvious example is the beginning of the game when opponents are racing to the target in the center (such as a gem or a star). It is easy to shoot in the middle and hit an enemy even before seeing it. Other examples are when you’re about to turn a corner, or when you think there’s an enemy Trai bushes.

Making pre-fire on Brawl Stars

The next strategy is the pre-fire, an excellent technique to keep control of an important point and deny the enemy access to a certain area. Pre-fire means shoot in an area where you think an opponent near them can pass. The enemy will thus have two options, walk inside to hit and take damage, or go back and wait for the shot distance, in any case you will be the first to have done damage. But it is important not to fire more than one shot at a time, but instead of having to wait again the full magazine. If wasted too many shots give the enemy the opportunity to come into your area and to kill, since he had more hits in charger of you.

Special Strategy, the Path-aiming

The last strategy of the shoot of this guide is called path-aiming, which is to hold down your finger on the screen to see exactly where it will hit you are about to shoot. Unlike a quick tap, in fact, you will see the trajectory of the projectile and err less shots, as well as having a more rapid reaction in case of an emergency

General Tips and techniques

Walking on the edge

Now we’ll talk about walk on the edge, a very useful technique in Showdown.
Walking on the edge of a wall that has grass on the other side allows you to see whether or not there is someone hiding in the grass, while remaining safely behind the wall. It is possible that opponents are grass but not attached to the wall, thus making it impossible to see with this technique. It is unlikely, however, because staying close to the wall it reduces the probability of being hit by gunfire not targeted to you.

The Tilted Battles

The last advice of this guide is to force your opponent into a Tilted battle. Suppose you and your opponent will be divided from the corner of a wall and be at a stalemate. None of you two wants to make the first move because in all likelihood the first to hit the opponent will win the battle.

This is where comes in the versatility of the joystick, walking slightly towards the edge and then returning back, putting a strain on the patience of the enemy who will try to shoot you for fear of being the first to be hit. Continue to do this movement as long as the opponent will sell and will fire a shot, mancandovi. With a lead of three shots in the barrel against the second opponent it is much easier to win then you have to turn the corner before the opponent can charge your third shot.

brawl stars tips and hints

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