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pokemon go hints tips and tricks

Pokémon GO seems to be the game of the moment, also because of the great expectations, the reputation of the series to which this game is dedicated and above all the side streets for which the APK file has been procured which has helped create a sense of complicity between all participants. Nevertheless, the lack of an official guide and tips by Nintendo has made it absolutely necessary to have guides and series of Pokemon go cheats, tips and tricks, which we with great diligence we offer.

What does the animation of the leaves? What is the significance of the colored circles around the Pokémon in the capture phase?How to fight effectively a Leader?

We reveal us all the secrets and tricks for Pokémon GO hack online!

# 1 – What does the grass animation GO Pokémon?

Many players will have noticed, during the first steps in the game, the presence of animations that consistently show, in various green areas of the game, leaves and grass suddenly sprout .

Although at first it may seem simple graphic embellishments, these animations indicate the presence of a large number of Pokémon in the vicinity of the area surrounding the animation; always check the “Section Environment ” to ascertain the species present and consider venturing to the point indicated (every Pokémon captured, as we shall explain, can still bring in a candynecessary for evolution).

# 2 – How the Pokéstop and Gyms distributed?

It caused quite a stir, as well as curiosity, news that most Pokéstop and Health has been set at or near coincidence of religious buildings such as churches, monasteries and cathedrals. Some felt that it was the result of mere chance, while others, more intelligently, they assumed that the explanation could hide behind the tracking system of the places of interest .

We know that Niantic output playing leaning on Nintendo only for the realization of the metagame and the characters; the Japanese company has relied on – going on the safe side – in Niantic because of the enormous experience gained by the latter during the making of Ingress , another popular virtual reality game. Within Ingress players, divided into two factions,responsible for setting up portals on which then builds the same gameplay ; with the passage of time, the major portals are finished to match the architectural elements selected by the users themselves : churches mainly – but not only.

Similarly, you can take advantage of the maps of the Portals and Knots Ingress to understand – with a precision of about 70% – where Pokéstop are located in various areas of their city.

# 3 – How is calculated the distance of the wild Pokémon?

When a player wants to know what is the distance that separates it from the nearest Pokémon , has no choice but to open the “section Surroundings ” to get an overview of the wild Pokémon in the area (and certainly you do not need one of our tricks for Pokémon Go to know it).

Each Pokemon go cheats is however characterized by a number of footsteps variable depending on the distance that separates the player: three footprints indicate a distance of 300 meters or more, two footsteps equivalent to 200 meters , a single footprint 100 meters or less, while when it is not no guest footprint means that in a few seconds the user should appear on the screen.

# 4 – How to get Pokémon Candies

To ensure the evolution of a Pokémon just captured it will need to possess a number of candies specific Pokémon for the species just captured; the required amount may vary depending on the presence of developmental stages or more of the captured specimen rarity.

If therefore you are despairing of finding a way to earn new Candy Pokémon to speed the evolution , do not worry, we have one of the tricks to Go dedicated to Pokémon this problem: not only in fact any Pokémon caught will guarantee 3 Candy , but if you decide to send it to Professor Willow these will reward you with an extra candy (concerning the species of Pokémon).

It is a winning strategy: not only in this way you will earn new candies , but will be aimed at keeping in your Pokémon Box with points higher Fighting – avoiding the need to buy un’estensore space from the internal market. To transfer a Pokémon, flick his card until the appearance of the item ” Transfer “: tappatevi above to complete the operation.

# 5 – The Evolution is the real deal

One of the main problems of Pokemon go cheats is given by frustrating system of care of exhausted or weak Pokémon : there is (still) a renewal of health system – such as Pokecenter of classic video games – which avoids the purchase spray-potion from store in-game.

In fact, remaining on the subject of evolution, one of the GO Pokémon tricks can help you avoid the problem of the treatment, at least as it regards a low-medium level Pokémon: after completing their cycle of evolution Pokémon, even exhausted, It regains full health and therefore we recommend that you focus your attention on Pokémon who do not own developmental stages more (of course if it is possible).

# 6 – How to throw a curve Pokeballs

Level up is one of the main goals of the coaches beginners : to access Gyms must in fact have a level equal to or greater than 5, and consequently the capture of wild Pokémon  become the fastest method.

In mathematical terms, catching a Pokémon guarantees 100 experience points , the discovery of a species still unknown whopping 500 PE while Pokeballs curve you have to add 10 additional PE , few but good. To throw a Pokeball curve just follow one of our tricks for Pokémon GO: during the capture screen, perform a prolonged tap on Pokeballs and simultaneously begin to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise , until it appear the animation of the poke-ball in motion .

At this point you can throw it against the wild Pokémon, but staying alert curved effect that the trajectory will take.

# 7 – What do the circles around a Pokémon?

The first time you have attempted to capture a wild Pokémon, almost certainly you have wondered what possible meaning or what parameters might affect the colored circles placed around the capture viewfinder. Well, we will explain it to us with one of the tricks to GO Pokémon.

First the color viewfinder is based on the emotional state of Pokémon:

– Green = quiet ;

– Yellow and  orange = agitated ;

– Red = angry .

Plus a Pokemon you live, the more difficult to capture , and the better the chances that you run away from the battle or who refuses to be trapped in a poke-ball; for this reason it will be necessary to wait until you calm down on their own or purchase a Megaball or Masterball to increase the chances of catching even in adverse conditions.

Second, the amplitude of the color circle is inversely proportional to the probability of capture: wait until the circle is as small as possible before launching a Pokeball.

# 8 – How to attract new Pokeball

The capture of a wild Pokémon is always satisfactory, but also involves a considerable waste of Pokeballs: you can earn new Pokeballs leveling up , but it is not the easiest thing.

To attract new Pokeball will touch you to walk up to Pokéstop closer , which in the map are indicated by blue squares: you’ll have to get close to Pokéstop enough because the icon is expanded up to represent the Pokémon logo. Tappandovi above will access the section Pokéstop: scroll cards to acquire all of the objects in the slot – but you can also open and close the screen immediately because the objects are now equipped.

Every five minutes the Pokéstop will be stocked with new poke-ball, then you can just wait around (passing the time to capture the many Pokémon that accumulate around these places of interest). You can also purchase a bait form to be inserted in the slot so that all players nearby can catch the Pokémon in the vicinity.

# 9 – How to open a Pokémon egg?

The Pokémon eggs are nothing more than a further surprise that you can find inside de Pokéstop: you treat common Pokémon eggs , which can contain both extremely rare Pokémon (like Pokémon fossils on a par with Kabuto or Omanyte) both Pokémon common.

To hatch an egg is required  to travel a distance varying but still reported and updated regularly by the GPS application counter; cheating et entare to speed hatching using a means of transport to cover the necessary kilometers faster does not work , but if you use one of our tricks for Pokemon go cheats, I will get more than you will know very well.

Pokémon GO fact identifies the user’s locomotion speed and, if it exceeds 40 km / h , is recorded only one third of the mileage; course for a car to cross 30 km (assuming of having to open up an egg from 10Km) is not an impossible task, but perhaps it is for the device battery . To succeed, therefore, anticipate the hatching will be necessary to proceed very slowly to stay below the band recorded or arrange an alternative means , such as cycling.

# 10 – How does the Energy Saving mode?

As many have noticed, by accessing the GO Pokémon Settings you will notice the presence of a voice ” Energy Saving ” that, if unchecked, does not seem to bring any benefit to the already battered battery of the device.

In fact, the operation of the Energy Saving mode is slightly more complex and must be one of our tricks for GO Pokémon to understand  how to make the best : since GO Pokémon neccessarily need an active smartphone and set on the game screen to synchronize the data received from Niantic server, the only solution for limiting energy drain is to reduce the charge levy from the main source of consumption, the screen . Put simply, activating the Power Save you can easily store the device in your pocket – making sure that you have connected your headphones to not pass up a single notification – as the screen will be turned off but in the meantime GO Pokémon will be kept active.

# 11 – How to Become Leader

Candies Pokémon, the evolutions, chasing wild Pokémon is naturally geared towards a single objective: the admission within a team and winning the Gym Leader rank .

Initially, in order to become part of a Pokémon Gym it will be necessary to have at least one level above or equal to 5 ; after that, you will need to affiliate with one of three teams ( Yellow Team – Intuition; Blue Team – Wisdom; Red Team – Courage) for groped their climb up to the Gym Leader rank . You can become a Gym Leader, following two ways: the first is to find a gym not yet claimed by any team – but it is a hypothesis very remote – the second involves a constant struggle against all members of the defense team until it reaches the position more high command pyramid.

Each member of a team can secure a Pokémon in defense of his Gymnasium ; Once assigned, this Pokémon is no longer available until such time as another coach not defeat the Pokémon in battle to become Leader, just like in the original game, it is necessary to dominate in battle all Pokémon places to his defense . Every defeat will be equivalent to a loss of Luxury for the Gym – conversely, each victory will increase the level of Luxury. Each coach is expelled from the Gymnasium defeated, and when even the Leader is removed , the site passes under the control of the opponents.

Making the Gym Leader agrees: Periodically it receives a variable amount of Stardust and Pokémon Coins to spend in the internal market.

# 12 – Defense Bonus

Reading our Sages Tips and tricks for GO Pokémon, you have probably discovered that the Gym Leader periodically receives a number of bonuses due to its location. And the other coaches that help defend the Gym?

Never fear: Pokémon GO, away from betraying a class vision of society, rewards the contribution of coaches with the so-calledDefense Bonus , a regalia administered daily that appears in the upper section of the market internal screen, in the form of an icon shield . If the player does not receive his bonus Defense, this is accumulated along with Bonus unclaimed from previous days (if any).

# 13 – Special Attacks

What differentiates the special attacks by normal attacks? This question, though granted, hides the key of the GO Pokémon battle system.

The fights take place only within Gyms against Pokémon of other places players in defense of the building: there is not much to say about it – the entire phase of struggle consists of a continuous tap on the screen to avoid the opponents punches and settle their basic strokes. Instead to launch a Special Attack must instead perform a long press on the screen until the blue loading bar is fully charged. A Special Attack causes far more damage than a normal attack – you can see the number of hit points that a single attack can inflict on the specific card of the game.

# 14 – Shiny Pokémon and Pokémon Legendary

The Pokémon Shiny and Legendary Pokémon are two categories of extremely rare creatures to be found within GO Pokémon: even if someone has questioned the existence, we are in possession of screenshots joints to the contrary.

On the one hand it seems that more than one player has managed to get hold of a Venonat Shiny (or Chroma) – observing the color of the appendages and eyes, you will notice a significant difference with the ordinary version . It is a very rare event, because usually the chances of encountering a Pokémon Shiny is 1 in 8,192 . The Legendary Pokémon are a category even more particular: while an Pokémon Shiny Pokémon is different from others because of the color, but not as regards the combat statistics, u n Legendary Pokémon is normally stronger than a common Pokémon .

Normally you would expect to find Legendary Pokémon only during events Nintendo : Nevertheless, some players already seem to have caught a Mew exemplary.

# 15 – How to save game progress

Figure out how to save progress accumulated in the course of the game is one of the most consulted in recent days to Pokémon tricks GO, as it is far from clear that Niantic keep valid the profiles of players who have so far taken advantage of the APK file before the official release .

Nevertheless, you do not have to worry because every time you log in to the game it is necessary to login with two types of profile: either through authentication through Google , or making use of the site and Profile Club Coach , which makes available also the access to the contents of the official site. In both cases, the data is saved directly to the cloud , andshould also be maintained following the official release – remember that Niantic is owned by Google and, in common agreement with Nintendo, could make that data what you want .

# 16 – Availability and Release

This entry is not part of the normal tricks for Pokémon GO but aims to inform the players on the current state of the game’s availability – will be removed and replaced by a new trick or suggestions as soon as Pokémon GO will be made available in Italy.

Through a press release , Niantic has expressed surprise achieved enormous popularity of the game and certainly not expecting a similar result; given the continuous overload of the servers , it was decided to stop the release phase in Great Britain and the Netherlands to proceed with a restructuring of the server, which will take place next Thursday along with an update that will adjust the battery consumption.

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