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12 March 2014 Comments (0) Views: 712 Android, Opinion, Samsung, Smartphone / Tablet Reviews

Galaxy Note 3 on Android KitKat – a big battery boost

It’s been one day since Samsung released the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Galaxy Note 3 users in the UK and already one of the biggest improvements has become apparent. Yesterday was the first full day of using KitKat on my Galaxy Note 3 and the battery life improvements that Samsung has made are very impressive.


Since its launch in September last year, I’ve had a total of five different Galaxy Note 3 devices and each one has had the same problem – my heavy (and often erratic) usage has always meant really bad battery life. The battery life has usually been between 7 and 9 hours on heavy usage and as my office is in a bad location for signal, the phone is always searching for signal throughout the day.

Yesterday was no ordinary day though – the Android KitKat update made a big difference. After just under 16 hours of medium to heavy usage with bad signal, the Galaxy Note 3 still had 38% battery remaining. Thanks to one software update, my battery has improved by over 50% as I usually need to plug in after 13 hours.

  • Galaxy-Note-3-KitKat-Battery-38pc-15h50m
  • Galaxy-Note-3-KitKat-Battery-38pc-15h50m-details
  • Galaxy-Note-3-KitKat-Battery-43pc-15h13m
  • Galaxy-Note-3-KitKat-OS-Firmware-Screen

This could just be day one syndrome and things will get worse from here but I’ll find out soon – stick around as I’ll be publishing my impressions of the new update later in the week!

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