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How To : Set and change Wallpaper on the Xperia Z (Android 4.2.2)

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When you have your new Phone you want to put a little “You” in the Device , here’s how to change your Wallpaper on the Xperia Z.


After you decide what Picture you want there a few Ways to change it. The first and most simple one (not included in the Video) is this one,

1. Choose the Picture you want from the Album 

2. Open Picture

3.Open the Menu by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right Corner

4. Choose Use as and select Wallpaper .

The second way is just as simple.

1. Find an empty Spot on your Homescreen

2. Longpress that spot

3. Click on Wallpapers 

4. Choose your Image from the Folder it is inside.

The last way to change your wallpaper is via the Settings Menu,

1. Open the Settings Menu from the Notification Bar or the App Menu

2. Scroll down to Device and click on Display 

3.Click on Wallpaper 

4. Choose the Location e.g. Album

5. Choose the Picture and click on done.

Here are the last two methods demoed on a Video:

I hope this was helpful.

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