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How to: Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone 8

This is designed to be a helpful guide – do not do anything you’re not comfortable doing on your smartphone. UKMobileReview, it’s partners, suppliers or shareholders are not liable for any damage or losses incurred by following this advice and you agree to these terms by reading further.


So you’ve seen the specs, read everything we’ve published and decided to buy the Lumia 1020. Every so often, every phone needs a good battery pull now and then. If this doesn’t work you probably need to hard reset your phone.

Can’t work out how to do either when the phone won’t load up? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to reset the Lumia 1020:

Soft Reset

Soft Resets are sometimes also known as battery pulls, where pulling the battery out of a phone and replacing it can fix some minor issues with your phone. Some Nokia Lumia smartphones feature a removable battery cover so it’s easy to soft reset – simply remove the cover and take out the battery. Wait a few moments and then re-insert it.

For phones that have inbuilt batteries, it’s not so simple so you need to do the following (the image below is a Lumia 800 but the buttons and reset method is still the same):


As per the image, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons down until the phone vibrates three times. The phone should successfully restart with the Nokia logo after a few seconds.

Hard Reset

Sometimes a battery pull just won’t fix the problem. In these cases, it’s time to do a hard reset on the phone. Warning: All data will be lost from the phone when performing a hard reset. We recommend taking regular backups of your data.

If the phone powers on, navigate to Settings > About > Reset your Phone.

This will reset your phone to factory settings. If the OS won’t load up, use the method below.


Step 1: Backup all your data

The first step is to backup all your data. I personally use cloud storage with Google but you can also use SkyDrive and other solutions to backup your data. The Windows Phone OS is designed to automatically back up your contacts to your Microsoft account which should mean your contacts are recoverable if you can’t turn on your phone.

Step 2: Switch the phone off.

Once again, make sure your phone is off whilst using this method.

Step 3: 3 button reset

Almost all Nokia phones have an infamous 3 finger reset and the Nokia Lumia 920 / Lumia 820 is no different. To perform a hard reset, press the Volume Down, Camera and Power buttons at the same time. Hold all three buttons down until the phone vibrates then release power button and hold volume down and camera for a further five seconds.

Step 4: Phone is reset!

Success!! Your phone is now reset to factory defaults.

We hope this guide has helped!

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  • eric

    thanks for the tip worked great

  • sheryl

    thank you so much my phone is working again

  • sheryl

    I did the soft reset yesterday my phone did come back on but nothing is working on it can you help?

  • Mason Lumsden

    ok so for a while now my nokia lumia 1020 wont play sounds through the built in speaker, or headphones, and ive had to restart it multipul time, i have already reset the phone twice and now it wont let me do anything, is it just a defective model?