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  • Todd

    Thanks for posting this. My wife’s new 920 just shut itself off for no reason and wouldn’t power-up. I found this web site while on the phone with my phone company (AT&T) and got the phone to power-up using the soft reset. I opted to have them send me a new phone anyway as it’s odd that the phone just shut itself down for no reason.

    • Nirave

      Hey we’re glad we managed to help!! Definitely worth opting for the replacement – as with all machine made products, the odd one is faulty!

  • Kjetil

    Thank you! Was just about to return my phone when I came across this page – soft reset fixed my problem :-)

  • rjgood

    Thanks all for the great post! My wife’s screen wouldn’t rotate anymore, a few firm taps and the soft reset fixed it (don’t know which one.)
    Very kind of you all!

  • Austin

    This still doesnt work for me im stuck at an update screen with 2 texts and 3 voicemails because i cant access my phone its stuck on the lock screen i cant slide up but when i hole the camera button down it goes to an update screen and when i reset it it shows the main screen for two seconds then goes to the update screen and i cant use my phone i litteraly just baught my phone today and verry unsatisfied with this so far email me if you know how to fix this at

  • Justin

    This combination just does a soft reset on the phone, similar to taking the battery out and putting it back in any other type of phone. If you need to fully wipe the phone but don’t have the password use the following link

    expand the FAQ titled “How do I reset my Nokia Lumia if it does not work properly?” and follow option 2. I just did this to my phone, took me 3 tries to get it right, but it wiped it to factory settings without a password.

  • Art Tsihlakis

    soft reset worked for me but I had to hold the keys down for about 15 secs. Thanks for the tip!

  • Simeon

    Thank you so much! It was very helpful info. I have searching for 3 hours to find how to reset the phone :( . With your help it happens for 5 minutes.

  • amandaw

    I bought a new Sims card for my t mobile windows phone and I put it in and it said Sims could not be read so I took it out and tried putting my old one back in but when I went to turn my phone on it says Nokia then goes to a blue screen and stays then then after a min just shuts off and I’ve tried everythingg help pleaseee

    • Nirave

      Which Lumia smartphone do you have? Have you tried the hard reset?

    • LeeG

      I’ve got this too

  • NC4011

    Thank you so much, I had this problem today on my new nokia (got it over the past 2-3 months) and this worked! (Soft reset instructions) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Nirave

      Hey very glad we could help! Let us know if you need any more help / tips :-)

  • udaya

    i have got a settings symbol and flash mode symbol on my phone when trying to do hard rest… now i cant do anything with my mobile..could u pls help me.i am so worried about my ohone now

  • weedsmoker420

    Does this work if your phone is locked and you forgot password?

  • Mary

    Talk about a helpful post!! Thanks a million.

  • Andrea

    is there anyway to fix the green screen from the camera??

  • ÅwesOmelicioux Çhêemå

    why nokia lumia stucking after unlock its says resuming

  • Eng Ravi Vaghela

    this works while hanging

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