Thursday, 30 July, 2015

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  • Diva Jain

    Have gone through the process with bb torch, yet no contacts or media transferred to z10.

    • Nirave

      Which BB torch is it? Check that your media is saved on your device and not on your memory card. BlackBerry Link won’t copy off of your memory card.

      For the contacts, are you wirelessly synchronising? i.e. do your contacts sync with your email account (such as hotmail/gmail)? If so, the contacts won’t transfer and you’ll need to set up the individual accounts on your Z10 to sync your contact list.

  • lolo

    It doesn’t work bcoz when I connect BB Bold I get one option which is launching BB desktop software only.

    • Nirave

      That is an issue local to your device. We’ve tested this on several old BlackBerry smartphones and all presented the option to transfer data.

      Are you on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server with work? If so, it’s likely that the BES server is preventing you from transferring data. It’s worth noting that BES on BlackBerry 10 won’t be available until March/April.

  • veeru789

    hi, using link can i sync contacts using outlook?

    • Nirave

      Hi, BlackBerry Link can’t sync contacts using outlook.

      • veeru789

        thanks for ur reply. But thats sad. hope link adds some features like old desktop software soon.

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