Samsung Galaxy Note II : Two new Colors confirmed.

The latest Phablet from Samsung , the Galaxy Note II , is getting 2 new Colors , Amber Brown and Ruby Red.

Galaxy Note II alternatives

This News is not coming as a surprise to all the Note II fans , because the additional colors have already leaked at New Year’s day. Now the new Styles have been officially Confirmed. This means that they could come to a Store close to you pretty soon. Amber Brown and ruby Red are now joining the initial release colors , Titanium Grey and Ceramic White , and bring the total of available Note II Versions up to 4.

The new colors will be available in Korea immediately and other Stores around the Globe will be added soon. unfortunately there is now Information on when and where the 2 new Versions will be available, but I think they might hit the global market within the first Quarter of 2013.


  • anne

    how can I order a ruby red in samsung note 11 mobile phone/