Wednesday, 5 August, 2015

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  • Bigpapapowell

    This is my grumble about the launch of the Lumia 920 in the UK.

    Nokia have truly shot themselves in the foot with this one, How can such a massive player in the world of phones who are on the verge of collapse make such a massive mistake???

    Its a massive insult to the many many Nokia staff that were made redundant due to the cuts made so they could concentrate on rebuilding the brand, create a iPhone beating phone and then make a simple school boy error,
    Exclusivity worked for Apple when the original iphone came out but at that point it was considered a luxury to own a smartphone, people would switch,
    Now things have changed, the market is massive and companies can’t afford to lose buisness, least of all Nokia.

    The Marketing for the new “flagship” Lumia 920 has been half hearted by Nokia but enough to drum up some great interest, I’m sure many will agree the Phone sells itself but choosing to leave the end game to A company or sorry companies in some sort of multi-personality disorder (Orange-T-Mobile-EE), has proved to be a massive massive mistake on Nokia’s part,
    The people need choice in this current climate but the split personality of EE, Orange and T-mobile have torn all the hard work up done by Nokia by the very poor marketing running up to the launch (when ever it may be).

    Its a massive saving grace that the Lumia 920 looks to be a great phone, which I’m sure like myself many others will be willing to wait for with a choice of network (lets hope we’re not left waiting to long) but I’ve no doubt that Nokia has likely hammered the last nail on its very own coffin.

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