iPhone 4S Siri calls Nokia Lumia 900 best cellphone ever

11 May 2012 • Apple, iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone • Views: 206

This is absolutely hilarious but Apple’s straight-talking Siri voice recognition service on the iPhone 4S has taken to advising users that the best cellphone ever is in fact, Nokia’s Windows Phone flagship Lumia 900 smartphone.

Siri works by retrieving information from analytical engine Wolfram Alpha and it seems like top customer reviews for the Lumia 900 have finally begun to hit home in the most bizarre of circumstances.

We’ve tested it just now and it works on our iPhone 4S which is in the UK. If you want to show this off or just wind people up, get them to ask Siri the following question:

What is the best cellphone ever?

The results are excellent and definitely hilarious!


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