ZTE wants a slice of the phablet market

23 April 2012 • Android, Other Brands • Views: 228

ZTE, the Chinese handset maker that provides white label devices to several manufacturers, is aiming to gain a slice of the phone/tablet “phablet” market using the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note as a benchmark.

ZTE’s head of handset strategy, Lv Qianhao, said to reporters:

“We want to come up with the next generation of a Galaxy Note-type product – a combo product of handsets and tablets.”

ZTE is also looking at becoming a worldwide player in the tech industry, following the lead of HTC who used to act as a white label manufacturer and has now established themselves as a brand in the ever competitive industry.

ZTE released eight devices at February’s Mobile World Congress and the company is aiming at releasing as many later this year.

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