WP Mango devices won’t get Apollo, oh wait, yes it will

18 April 2012 • HTC, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Windows Phone • Views: 267

This looks set to become a right royal PR mess but to begin with, according to Microsoft (via The Verge), the current line of Windows Phone smartphones won’t get the official update to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone Apollo update.

However, WMPowerUser quote Microsoft evangelist Nuno Silva as saying the devices will get the update, and they have a video interview to prove it.

Originally, it was thought the Windows Phone update wouldn’t come to existing devices due to hardware limitations, but it seems that that is no longer the case.

No matter what happens, Windows Phone users will be extremely annoyed if they don’t get the update, so Microsoft, if it’s possible, get the update out to users! You really can’t afford people to “jump ship” and move platforms.

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