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23 April 2012 Comments (0) Views: 130 Apple, iOS

Apple to release iPhone Nano later this year?

Apple’s New iPad has been on the market for over a month now, meaning the rumour mill switches to discussing Apple’s upcoming smartphone plans. We’ve already heard that the iPhone 5 is coming later this year and today we hear that Apple is also planning a “Nano” low priced version of its popular iPhone to combat the growing number of Android and Windows Phone devices selling at a low price.

We’ve been hearing about the iPhone Nano ever since the original iPhone was launched back in 2007 and China Times has quoted sources in Apple’s supply chain in confirming the device will make its long awaited debut this year.

The company’s low-end iPhone would essentially target consumers at the very bottom of the device cost scale below the company’s iPhone 3GS, which many consider to be possibly too expensive. The Nano should launch around the time of the next iPhone (around October time) and would help Apple fight against Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry at all scales.

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