Samsung Galaxy Nexus facing Volume Control issues

22 November 2011 • Android, Google, Samsung • Views: 184

Oh dear. Samsung and Google’s brightest new star may not be that bright after all. Early adopters of Google’s newest Nexus smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, have found one of the issues that delayed the handset’s launch to market. The Nexus is the first smartphone to run the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and is the first device to also feature a 720p HD display.

Users of the new Nexus have found an odd bug where the phone’s volume control will turn right down to zero volume and not turn back up. This bug seems to be related to the device’s cellular radio and appears most prominently when the Nexus is used on a network broadcasting 2G signal using the 900MHz frequency. In areas where signal is the weakest, the bug seems to be most prominent.

Samsung and Google are yet to respond to the bug but approximately 60% of Galaxy Nexus users who commented, reported that they suffered from the bug meaning there is a need for Samsung to address the issue ASAP.

The video below shows the problem.

Source: XDA-Developers Forum
Via: Engadget

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