Facebook Messenger released for iPhone and Android

10 August 2011 • Android, iOS • Views: 366

FaceBook’s going after the core of mobile phone use; texting. FaceBook Messenger, just launched on iOS and Android, will allow you to have text conversations, privately share your location, and send photos around to all of your friends.

The service has a dedicated Messenger app which is separate to the FaceBook app. One of the best features of this service is that if your friend is on FaceBook, they’ll get the message on their FaceBook inbox. However, if they’re not on FaceBook (who isn’t these days!), the message will send them a text message without it appearing different to you.

The service will also take on RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger service, which adds a new user every 1.25 seconds, by offering Chat room – styled conversation and room topics.

The service will also support sending your location on a map to a friend and sharing of favourite locations via a map. All of these services are push enabled as well, which gives the service real credit to taking over as the default messaging app on your device.

The FaceBook Messenger service works in a similar way to Apple’s upcoming iMessage messaging service, set for launch next month in Apple’s iOS platform.

All in all this is a brilliant move by the World’s Largest Social Network, which most people are signed up to. Will this really be able to taken on its competitors like Apple’s iMessage, RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger and the cross-platform messenger What’sApp? Only time will tell.

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